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Since a few days I´m in Japan together with the Head Snowboards Team. With this trip a liftime dream of mine comes true because Japan was No.1 on my list where I wanna go for snowboarding in my life.
And what should I say, the stories about the best powder on earth and sushi all day long are …. all true.

I wanted to do the blog earlier, but the Inet connections in japanese Hotels are far away from being fast and stable.

We spent the first days in the area of Furano with hiking and searching for some funny spots and arrived yesterday at famous Asahidake. There are rumors that this pklace has the best powder on this planet and YEEEES it has. I´ve never feelt snow that was as fluffy and lightweight as here …. its just everywhre around you.

But enough talking for now … here are some lifestyle Pics from the last days.

Alex, Tom and Elmi after a 20h journey and to much GinTonic on the flight from Munich to Tokyo

Freddy divin deep | Pillowmasacre

Sleepy Elmi ….

Freddy on the road again | Japanese Woods

Furano Area

Japan the land of the rising sun and funny signs everywhere

Alex shows whats up … Japow rocks

Freddy in love

Stay tuned for some more the next days

Living my life

The season is in full progress and on every shooting spot I do a lot of lifestyle pictures too …. so here is a little snippet of the ones from the last weeks.
It´s so much fun to be out there with the boys … its one of the main reasons why I love my job so much even if it means to stand around in the bloody cold of the last days.

Thanks to you guys!!!!


There is always a Captain around … Tom n Mario aka the Fishermens friends

Creepy hiking || No seagulls … no feeding

Benny droppin … Alex and Guido talkin


The art of shaping

Should we stay or should we go …. weather can be a filthy bitch

Our filmer Juulsn … no words needed

Tom probes the landing in his very own style

Tom, Mario and Chris …. work done

Peter „Freeze or I kill every mothafuckin last one of you“ König

Print Biz

The new season has already started and the snowboard mags are throwin out their first issues. I had two differnt Adds for Head Snowboards in nearly every German speaking Mag, scored some shots in the last issues of Pleasure Snowboardmag and got a shot in the Pleasure Calendar 2013.

Here we go ….

Head Add #1 | Tom Klocker | BS1 | Zillertal

Head Add #2 | Christophe Schmidt | FS3 | Arlberg

Pleasure Issue #102 | Youngblood | Flo Corzelius | Portraits and two Actionshots

Pleasure Issue #103 | Gallery | Aluan Riccardi | Handplant | Andorra

Pleasure Issue #104 | Arlbergstory | Coverboy DBK | BS10 | Arlberg

Pleasure Calendar 2013 | November | Tom Klocker | PowderOllie | Zillertal

Expedition to Tatooine Pt.2

So after 6 weeks on the desert planet I´m back in munich with the first snowflakes dancing from the grey sky outside. Time to let this unbelievable time down there pass again and make little sum up.
It was an absolutly stunning expierience with a great event and a perfect bunch of people that were like a 2nd family in the end.

To describe everything I saw and did down there would be more than to much for this little blog.
But to mention some of the most memorable things:
Driving an BMW M6 on the Formula1 Racetrack of YasMarina
Riding an BMW X5 M trough the desert beside a real Rallydriver
Having a nightsurfing session on a perfect artifical wave rigth in the middle of the desert
Going with 4 Yachts to a bbq on an island outside of AbuDhabi City
Seeing the highest building on this planet
Meeting an unbelievable good bunch of people
and on and on and on … believe me it was a once in a lifetime thing and I´ll never forget these weeks.

I wanna give a big THANK YOU to the people that made all this happen and so perfect. Hopefully I´ll get the chance to see you all again some day!!

Here are some more pictures from the trip to give you a little bit more of a feeling for the good times:

Thats the reason for what all this great things happend … The new BMW M6 Coupe on the presentation site.

Signs of raw power and the beauty&beast in action

A whole flight worth about 1.5 Million Euros on a little tour up the Jebel Hafeet Mountain

The desert and how to have fun out there

Pure beauty

The instructor cars and my ususal ride

I looked 6 weeks at this car and I didin´t find a single detail I don´t liked except of the fact I can´t afford one.

Expedition to Tatooine Pt.1

For the next six weeks I´m hanging around in Abu Dhabi to shoot the Launch Event for the new BMW M6 Coupe (which is really hell of a car) …. so I´ll have to tell a lot about heat, sand and sweat.

I just arrived and trying to get adopeted to the clima here. The tempratures outside are between 36°C (in the night) and 46°C (around midday), inside you have between 18°C and 23°C so the temprature shock when stepping through a door is really knocking you to the ground (glady I show no signs of a cold). There is sand everywhere, the architecture and the dimensions of everything is completly crazy. I´ve never seen so big buildings (like the ferrariworld or the emirates palace hotel) and so much so big cars (even the Toyotas are bigger than the avarage european SUV and all of them are white) somewhere.

I where already a day out in the desert with a BMW M6 to check the scienic drive route …. damn fun on that.

You see I´m completly overwhelmed from the first impressions of this „planet“.

So here are some pictures to speak for themselves:

99.9% of the area looks like this

Two sides of the desert …. luxury and rubbish

The Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque (3rd biggest in the world) ….

Strange Architecture is everywhere and even a „Danish“ Bridge going to nowhere.

The two reasons why I´m here … I can´t tell ya how much fun they are

There will be some more over the next weeks so stay tuned