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Living my life

The season is in full progress and on every shooting spot I do a lot of lifestyle pictures too …. so here is a little snippet of the ones from the last weeks.
It´s so much fun to be out there with the boys … its one of the main reasons why I love my job so much even if it means to stand around in the bloody cold of the last days.

Thanks to you guys!!!!


There is always a Captain around … Tom n Mario aka the Fishermens friends

Creepy hiking || No seagulls … no feeding

Benny droppin … Alex and Guido talkin


The art of shaping

Should we stay or should we go …. weather can be a filthy bitch

Our filmer Juulsn … no words needed

Tom probes the landing in his very own style

Tom, Mario and Chris …. work done

Peter „Freeze or I kill every mothafuckin last one of you“ König


Last saturday was one of the hottest days in munich this summer and the day for the third stop of the Munich Be(a)st Tour 2012 @ Hirschgarten Bowlpark.
It was a perfect day with great people, incredible skating and a lot of fun.

The Munich Be(a)st Tour is a newly invented skate contest series in 4 of the best skateparks in and around munich and is organisated by the „Skateboarding München e.V.“ to get the munich skatescene back alive. Please take a look at their website for more information about their work and the ways to support them …. COME ON, DO IT!!!!

Here are some impressions of this great day:


Fists of the Beast meets modern marketing

Technical skating meets big balls

Münchner Kindl Style meets Best Trick

Crowd pleasing


Last week I had the chance to shoot one of the Sprungbrett Sessions in the Absolut Park in Flauchauwinkel.
At these sessions kids have the possibility to ride and shoot with some snowboarding pros and get some tips&tricks from them. They are organisated by Nicola Thost who is the first olympic snowboard pipe champion ever and a legend in snowboarding. Beside that she is a super mellow person and a perfect host for the kids.

Despite of the really shitty weather with flatlight and snow the kids were super motivated and shredded like hell all day long … I had a great time and a lot of fun with them …. and I´m sure you´ll see some of them rockin the contest and mags in the near future. Watch out!!!

If you want to know more about the Sprungbrett Sessions and see a lot of good pics from the stops before take a look at the Facebookpage

Last but not least some impressions from this day:


Easy lunch

Nicola … smiling as everytime

Max Horn shows the kids how to style it

Warm up & A small Rocker

The kids are sendin it

There is no bad weather only motivation


I spent the last few days with my climbing mateys at the beautiful Lago Di Garda in Italy …

Around Arco at the north end of the lake is one of the best climbing areas in the alps when not even in the world. Its such an amazing mix of mountains, rockwalls and mediterran livestyle. We had four days of 25 to 28°, perfect weather and that at the end of september, giving you a feeling of endless summer.

Due to the fact that I injured my shoulder a couple of days before I brought my cam with me to do some photos at least. But hey I figured out that climbing is no problem, so I only took some shots on the first day.
Its always the same decision: have some fun doing sports or have some fun doing some shots …. this time sport won!!

Thanks to everyone who made this beautiful days possible!!!

Here are some of the few impressions which are not only in my head:

Streets of Germany

Since Bansky got famous, Streetart seems the new big thing on the art market and every second galerist looks for it ….

I love streetart, especially cause it´s a wonderfull, most of the time extremely surealistic looking thing to photograph. Sadly Munich is not the city with a lot of streetart (execpt of graffiti), so I´m not gettin that much chance to shoot it. But thank god there is the internet where you can find a lot of it and about the artist. So to keep my blog running I decided to feature some of my favorite german artists.

I´ll start with Evol from Berlin who paints the faces of old, shabby buildings as a miniature on telecommunication boxes and other free spaces in the streets of former East Berlin. On the other side he makes extremely detailed and realistic paintings of house faces (or parts of it) on used cardboard pieces for hanging it on your living room wall. I like his work a lot because it has an super graphical but realistic look and he loves to make it perfect to the smallest design. Hopefully I´ll find some of his Streetworks on my next trip to Berlin, cause I think they´ll be extraordinary objects to photograph.

Here are some recent works of him to give you a little impression of his work:

Big work on concrete blocks in Berlin

Paint on cardboard

Installation in an apartment

More of his work you can find on his homepage: and in this two pdf catalouges: 1 | 2

All pictures and PDF´s from Wilde-Gallery Berlin