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Summer work

Even when the summer in Munich doesn´t deserve his name, I´m really into summermode and doin some other work than racing trough the mountains and trying to get good shots.
And the other side of my workinglife is the graphic/layout thing.

And when the summer here isn´t happening and you have no money to follow it there is nothing better than having it on your screen, so this year I started layouting for „Tide Mag“ a Munich based surfing magazine. It´s quite a lot of fun and you have the best surfspots and surfers around the world right on your desk.

End of Jule the first issue I have completly (exept one story) layoutet came into the shops nd I think I´ve done a good job. But hey check it for yourself and get an issue!!

For more information about the mag and surfing check

Here are some snippets from the issue:

That is you should look for in your local bookstore

The opener of my favorite story


Boattrippin in paradise

It was really me

Streets of Germany

Since Bansky got famous, Streetart seems the new big thing on the art market and every second galerist looks for it ….

I love streetart, especially cause it´s a wonderfull, most of the time extremely surealistic looking thing to photograph. Sadly Munich is not the city with a lot of streetart (execpt of graffiti), so I´m not gettin that much chance to shoot it. But thank god there is the internet where you can find a lot of it and about the artist. So to keep my blog running I decided to feature some of my favorite german artists.

I´ll start with Evol from Berlin who paints the faces of old, shabby buildings as a miniature on telecommunication boxes and other free spaces in the streets of former East Berlin. On the other side he makes extremely detailed and realistic paintings of house faces (or parts of it) on used cardboard pieces for hanging it on your living room wall. I like his work a lot because it has an super graphical but realistic look and he loves to make it perfect to the smallest design. Hopefully I´ll find some of his Streetworks on my next trip to Berlin, cause I think they´ll be extraordinary objects to photograph.

Here are some recent works of him to give you a little impression of his work:

Big work on concrete blocks in Berlin

Paint on cardboard

Installation in an apartment

More of his work you can find on his homepage: and in this two pdf catalouges: 1 | 2

All pictures and PDF´s from Wilde-Gallery Berlin

The dark side of the force

I´m truly dedicated in every way to the Canon EOS System since the start and there is no reason to be jealous on the Nikon guys …. except of one small thing, and that´s their Imagecampaign „I am a ….“"I am a Nikon“ cause it´s one of the best and most beautiful campaigns I´ve seen in my live. Alone the TV Add with Robbie Wiliams triggering a mayhem of little flashes from the audience at one of his concerts is magnificent.

Now Nikon took the next step in this campaign and went Web 2.0 with giving everyone the chance to make his very own part of this campaign … so what should I say then „I´m in“!!

Here are my little adds:

There is a little contest too, where you and me can win something …. if you want you can klick on your favorite and give it your vote. THANKS