Since a few days I´m in Japan together with the Head Snowboards Team. With this trip a liftime dream of mine comes true because Japan was No.1 on my list where I wanna go for snowboarding in my life.
And what should I say, the stories about the best powder on earth and sushi all day long are …. all true.

I wanted to do the blog earlier, but the Inet connections in japanese Hotels are far away from being fast and stable.

We spent the first days in the area of Furano with hiking and searching for some funny spots and arrived yesterday at famous Asahidake. There are rumors that this pklace has the best powder on this planet and YEEEES it has. I´ve never feelt snow that was as fluffy and lightweight as here …. its just everywhre around you.

But enough talking for now … here are some lifestyle Pics from the last days.

Alex, Tom and Elmi after a 20h journey and to much GinTonic on the flight from Munich to Tokyo

Freddy divin deep | Pillowmasacre

Sleepy Elmi ….

Freddy on the road again | Japanese Woods

Furano Area

Japan the land of the rising sun and funny signs everywhere

Alex shows whats up … Japow rocks

Freddy in love

Stay tuned for some more the next days