Living my life

The season is in full progress and on every shooting spot I do a lot of lifestyle pictures too …. so here is a little snippet of the ones from the last weeks.
It´s so much fun to be out there with the boys … its one of the main reasons why I love my job so much even if it means to stand around in the bloody cold of the last days.

Thanks to you guys!!!!


There is always a Captain around … Tom n Mario aka the Fishermens friends

Creepy hiking || No seagulls … no feeding

Benny droppin … Alex and Guido talkin


The art of shaping

Should we stay or should we go …. weather can be a filthy bitch

Our filmer Juulsn … no words needed

Tom probes the landing in his very own style

Tom, Mario and Chris …. work done

Peter „Freeze or I kill every mothafuckin last one of you“ König