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Expedition to Tatooine Pt.2

So after 6 weeks on the desert planet I´m back in munich with the first snowflakes dancing from the grey sky outside. Time to let this unbelievable time down there pass again and make little sum up.
It was an absolutly stunning expierience with a great event and a perfect bunch of people that were like a 2nd family in the end.

To describe everything I saw and did down there would be more than to much for this little blog.
But to mention some of the most memorable things:
Driving an BMW M6 on the Formula1 Racetrack of YasMarina
Riding an BMW X5 M trough the desert beside a real Rallydriver
Having a nightsurfing session on a perfect artifical wave rigth in the middle of the desert
Going with 4 Yachts to a bbq on an island outside of AbuDhabi City
Seeing the highest building on this planet
Meeting an unbelievable good bunch of people
and on and on and on … believe me it was a once in a lifetime thing and I´ll never forget these weeks.

I wanna give a big THANK YOU to the people that made all this happen and so perfect. Hopefully I´ll get the chance to see you all again some day!!

Here are some more pictures from the trip to give you a little bit more of a feeling for the good times:

Thats the reason for what all this great things happend … The new BMW M6 Coupe on the presentation site.

Signs of raw power and the beauty&beast in action

A whole flight worth about 1.5 Million Euros on a little tour up the Jebel Hafeet Mountain

The desert and how to have fun out there

Pure beauty

The instructor cars and my ususal ride

I looked 6 weeks at this car and I didin´t find a single detail I don´t liked except of the fact I can´t afford one.