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Expedition to Tatooine Pt.1

For the next six weeks I´m hanging around in Abu Dhabi to shoot the Launch Event for the new BMW M6 Coupe (which is really hell of a car) …. so I´ll have to tell a lot about heat, sand and sweat.

I just arrived and trying to get adopeted to the clima here. The tempratures outside are between 36°C (in the night) and 46°C (around midday), inside you have between 18°C and 23°C so the temprature shock when stepping through a door is really knocking you to the ground (glady I show no signs of a cold). There is sand everywhere, the architecture and the dimensions of everything is completly crazy. I´ve never seen so big buildings (like the ferrariworld or the emirates palace hotel) and so much so big cars (even the Toyotas are bigger than the avarage european SUV and all of them are white) somewhere.

I where already a day out in the desert with a BMW M6 to check the scienic drive route …. damn fun on that.

You see I´m completly overwhelmed from the first impressions of this „planet“.

So here are some pictures to speak for themselves:

99.9% of the area looks like this

Two sides of the desert …. luxury and rubbish

The Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque (3rd biggest in the world) ….

Strange Architecture is everywhere and even a „Danish“ Bridge going to nowhere.

The two reasons why I´m here … I can´t tell ya how much fun they are

There will be some more over the next weeks so stay tuned


I´ve been on a perfect trip to Euskadi (the Basquecountry in Spain) the last week. It is an absolut stunnig landscape there with mountains that are descendnig into the atlantic ocean.
I was invited by the Office of „Surfing Euskadi“ which is an organsiation that tries to show the world the perfect conditions there for surfers of all levels. The breaks on the Basquecoast reach from mellow beachbreaks for beginners (there are surfschools and camps everywhere around) to the World Famous left of Mundaka (when it´s on you´ll find no better in europe).

But Euskadi has a lot more to offer than only perfect surf. It´s an country that is blessed with beautiful landscapes behind every corner, modern citys (as Bilbao with the famous Guggenheim Museum) great architecture and cultural offers, a superb culture of food and drink (thats kind of religion) and super nice people that offer you a warm welcome everywhere you go.

Thanks to all that made this trip happen and especially to our guide Joakin who gave us the feeling of a trip with your friends. I´ll be back for sure …..
So should you ever get the chance to go there …. DON´T MISS IT!!


Modern living meets living traditions

Wild landscapes

Citylife & Perfect architecture

The sea has a lot to offer there: surfing your brain out …

… calming it back down & refreshing it with perfect food

You´ll meet him only made of wood in the Mundaka Surfshop