Long Way Round Pt.2

A few weeks ago I told you about my trip with Nitro through half of europe. Now I can tell you a little bit more about it.
I started alone from Munich and met with Clemens (the Filmer), Ziga, Andrej and Wögna (the riders) at Verona in Italy to drive together to Vars in the french sea alps. After arriving there around midnight we met Aluan the next rider of our crew to hit his homeresort …. sadly there was nearly no snow left so we could only do one quick n dirty spot and decided then to leave for Barcelona the next morning.
After a day of driving, a night of partying and a day on the beach we took of for the last part of the mission in Andorra. There at last we found what we were looking for: a good base of snow, some good spots, a lot of sun and a bagload full of fun. After 3 days we hit the road for another 1500 kms back home.

The trip was an absolutly blast and big thanks are going out to Andi @ Nitro (for making it happen), my Crew (for being the best ones), Maria (for her tips about Andorra) and everyone else we met.

Here are a tiny bite from all my impressions on this trip:

I can´t tell ya how often I looked into this mirror in this 8 days and saw a beautiful picture

Wögna and Andrej on spotscouting mission

The roundup of 4 driving only days

Party tonight!?

Hey we DID some snowboarding!!

Hopefully you´ll see some more pictures in some mags next year.
And Anorra I`ll be back!!!