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Long Way Round

Springtime is Roadtriptime, and this one gets really long.
5 Guys, 2 Cars, 5 Countries, 3000km, 7days of shooting, from over 3000m to 0m and back …. for the Fiat PictureAwards I´ll head out together with 3 Nitro Roadwarriors and a filmer to get a nice picture set done.

I´ve 8 days of fun, sun, snow, street and some very big footprints (cause Lolli dominated this award last year) ahead of me …. SO LET´S GET IT ON!!!!

Our route ….

Arlberg Madness

Last week I´ve been three days at the good ol Arlberg in Austria together with DBK, Colin, Tobi and Maxi. The origin plan was to hit the Sonnenkopf and go for some massive spots, but when we arrived we noticed that there were already 8 Filmcrews getting ready to hit the mountain so we changed our plans and checked out a zone at the Flexenpass.

On Monday the guys did a little bad weather step down kicker which sadly didn´t really work for me shooting … on Thuesday we shaped another stepdown right next to the first and this one really, really worked out for me and I got some bängers of all three riders. On Wednesday we shaped another spot for about 5 hours with a real highway as inrun but on the first hit the boys realized that they hadn´t enough speed to clear the jump as we intended ….

So what should I say, Shit happens and there are days the work dosen´t get paid …. but one good day is more than enough and I had a great time with the boys in the sun.

Here are some (more than usual) impressions of it:

That would have been the place for a kicker … at least for me

Shreds n Apes

„Yo dude … where is my car!?“

Wind, snow n sun shaped

Enlighted and on fire

AK? Patagonia? … Nope, beautifull austria

Wastin time

Maxi and DBK enjoying the first day of „spring“

Hmm, does it work ….

…. nope it doesn´t