Good Times reloaded

The last days were unbelievable again … I´ve never seen such perfect conditions in the alps before.
After the last reset on thuesday the weather forecast made us happy with two bluebird days … so we got out to get some „work“ done.
And what should I say we got two perfect days with epic conditions.

Espeacially the second day was incredible … I´ve never seen so much stomped tricks in one session and it got me a shitload of bängershots.
So big thanks to Tom, Mario, Chris, Steve, Luka and the Winter 2012 for the uebergood times.

Here some little impressions for you to get a feeling of these great times:

Luka givin a Whoop for the good days

Luka on his ways to the next shot … and a line Tom will never forget

Tom on his way out, with the paparazzi in his back

Two of our great spots

You´ll see a lot more of it in September … Martin from MOG getting the moving bängers

The beauty and one of the four stomping beasts
…. Steve with a smooth touchdown (Clap ya hands)