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A few weeks ago I already told you about my trip to Berchtesgaden to do a photoshooting on a film set with two of my alltime sport heroes … so now that the campaign has been launched I can tell you the rest of the story:

I had the great honor to do some portrait photos with two of the biggest names in modern climbing: Alexander and Thomas Huber aka the Huberbuam.

These brothers from Berchtesgaden (Bavaria) are two of the best athletes climbing has ever seen and have done an incredible amount of first ascents and new interpretations of some of the worlds heaviest climbing routes as doing the great wall of El Captain in Yosemite Valley in under 3 hours. And due to the fact that I´m climbing myself it was even more a great pleasure to meet these guys and have some talking with them. They are two super relaxed guys that you can have a lot of fun hanging out and they are totally dedicated to the mountains, nature itself and what they do.

If you want to know more about them check their Homepage

And here you find the Youtube-Channel with some more funny videos from this days.

So here are some more shots from these two days: