Old school beauty

Since I´m searching for a good Snap and Travel Cam I´ve looked around a lot in the all knowing Space called the Internet and found some interesting Cams like Canons G12 or Panasonics GF1 but last week I discovered a real old school beauty:

Fujis brandnew X100 is a hell of a modern Digitalcamera put into a magnificent Old School looking case.

The technic inside it is state of the art:
12 Mpix APS-C Sensor
Fix 23mm/f 2.0 Objective (equivalent to 35mm on a FullFrame)
Hybrid Optical Viewfinder
Up to ISO 6400
5fps in Raw
and a Full Metal Body

The look of the cam is like this super nice reportage cameras from the 70ies and can only be compared with Leicas M9 (which costs about 5K more) …. but take a look for yourself:

Alle Pictures are courtesy of FujiFilm

So all I´ve to do now is to find some spare Money to get me one ……

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  1. 1 philipp 17. Juli 2011 um 9:52 Uhr

    Hübsches Ding!

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