A few days ago we had a total lunar eclipse over Munich, what means that when the moon is in the earth shadow it turns into a deep red due to the stray light reflected from earths atmosphere.
So I went out to a little hill right out of munich to get some nice shots with the moon and the cityscape.
Normally that this a marvellous phenomenon, but this year we first had to much clouds, then the moon was to small for a impressive look (where is the 500mm when you need one!?) and when it came to a nice position over the city the eclipse was over.

Whatever …. I had a nice warm summer evening with some beers and a nice view over munich, could have been worse.

Here are some shots I did at least:

Munich Highline Towers

BMW 4cylinder and Olympic Tower

The Windmill on the Wastehill

Blood Saturn ?

Hiding his Face

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  1. 1 philipp 19. Juni 2011 um 13:33 Uhr

    Schade, dass es so bewölkt war. „Munich Highline Towers“ taugt! Da auf dem Müllberg war ja anscheinend ein großes Getümmel ;)

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