The dark side of the force

I´m truly dedicated in every way to the Canon EOS System since the start and there is no reason to be jealous on the Nikon guys …. except of one small thing, and that´s their Imagecampaign „I am a ….“"I am a Nikon“ cause it´s one of the best and most beautiful campaigns I´ve seen in my live. Alone the TV Add with Robbie Wiliams triggering a mayhem of little flashes from the audience at one of his concerts is magnificent.

Now Nikon took the next step in this campaign and went Web 2.0 with giving everyone the chance to make his very own part of this campaign … so what should I say then „I´m in“!!

Here are my little adds:

There is a little contest too, where you and me can win something …. if you want you can klick on your favorite and give it your vote. THANKS