Rainy Days

So after a completely fucked up winter for me (except the Ruka Trip in December), I called it a season and now I´m looking forward to the summer in munich (longboarding, beergardens, grillin at the flaucher, nice girls everywhere and hopefully a lot of sunny and hot days).

The last few weeks I´m trying to get a nice job for the summer (so if someone knows something that includes layouting or graphic design or photography or everything in or around munich …LET ME KNOW!!), so I´ve not that much to do at the moment.

The really nice people at Panasonic Europe hooked me up with a modell of the Lumix DMC GF-2 systemcamera with the 14-42 kitoptic (I would have prefered the 20mm prime) for some testing.

Panasonic Lumix DMC GF-2 with the 14-42mm/3.5-5.6

It´s a really nice cam that trys to combine the best of the worlds of DSLR´s and Pocketcams.
What should I say, she`s doing a good job at this: Small enough to put it into your jacket or a little bag, really lightweight, full touchscreen control and on the other side you get full manual mode shooting, changeable lenses, good ISO performance, a flash hotshoe (Skyports are also getting triggered), RAW files and Full HD Movie function.

I think it´s a super funny tool for having it with you everywhere, without loosing control and quality. But I think it should work best with the small 20mm/1.7 prime lens (is like a 40mm lens on a fullframe SLR).

Here are the first snaps from today:

I´ll post some more snaps from it the next weeks …. hopefully I get a chance to test it in the snow

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  1. 1 philipp 05. Mai 2011 um 21:50 Uhr

    hui, viel spass beim testen ;)

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