Ruka done

Today was our last shooting day up here in Ruka … so I had 7 days of shooting in a row with a super nice output. It´s end of december and I already have a row of bängers, so it was the perfect start in a hopefully supergood winter 2010/2011.

Sadly we don`t got a look at northern lights … but one more reason to come up here again.

So we called it a trip and the relaxing is on. Tomorrow we`re heading home for christmas and some lay back days.
This was surley the best snowboarding trip I had until today: A perfect crew in a perfect place and a ton of fun.

Thanks to everybody who made it so special: Anton, Knut, Wögna, Basti, Kueske, Ruka Resort and especially to Lolli for talking me into this and organisating everything!!!!

Here are some Shots of the past days and some spots we did ….

Somewhere in the land of the snowdinosaurs

Anton doin the Moguls his way

Cold and dark up here … but that makes it special

Ruka Snowboard ääh Skijumping Stadium

Love rules

Gnarly close out rail and a wave of snow

Double Kink Log Jib right in the village

That´s it, that´s all from Ruka … so I wish everybody a merry christmas, a happy new year and some nice days with his loved one`s!!