Ruka Travel Day`s

So after two days of traveling, its done and we arrived at our super nice apartment at Ruka Village.
After leaving Munich yesterday afternoon we had a stop over night in Helsinki. Lolli came up with a nice Hotel in the city center, so the plan was to see something of Helsinki at night and have some beers … but right beside the hotel we stumbled into a cosy HeavyMetal Bar (Sorry Wögna) and so the plan got reduced to have some more beer and good music. Today we left Helsinki for our flight to Kuusamo right in the middle of nowhere.

After a short flight and a funny bus ride we even got the chance to take a few runs in the resort for snow and spot checking, it`s pretty funny to get into your gear at 4 in the afternoon and can go for 3 hours riding. But sadly its not much snow up here (at least for the part you have to ride on) …. but hey it`ll do it.

Here are some sideshots of the two days:

So let`s see what the first „day“ up here will bring …. stay tuned

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  1. 1 philipp 15. Dezember 2010 um 1:22 Uhr

    sehr, sehr fein! viel spass da im norden ;)

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