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Rock n Roll

So back in Business for the last „5Gum Walls Alive“ event in Frankfurt (if you´re around come over and watch a magnificent show).

After a 3 hour ride with the ICE, I got picked up by my „driver“ and „bodyguard“ in a nice 740 BMW which drove me to my hotel. And the room I got there is completely of the hooks. A purple and black painted room with Kiss and Motörhead things everywhere like a Kiss lamp screen a drum as table beside the bed and a guitar in the corner.

Lolli and Anton would love it.

But look for yourself:

If you have to stay in Frankfurt/Main check the 25h Hotel and ask for room 4.1


I´ve spent the last days at the beautiful Lago Di Garda in Italy … such a nice place especially without a laptop, the internet or the handy (which I had with me but not given one look in the days).

There are so many places which would be worth a photo and we had four amazing sundowners … but guess what: I DIDN´T MADE A SINGLE PHOTO in this week.

So back to work tomorrow.