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5Gum Walls Alive

This weekend I went to Dortmund (or Lüdenscheid Nord for the BVB Fans … hahaha) to shoot the „Wrigleys 5Gum Walls Alive“ event in front of the purple! club there.
On this event a complete housewall comes to live via individual made video projections. It´s really massive and fascinating to look.

You can check it out on two more dates in germany:

27./28.08. @ Golden Cut Hamburg
03./04.09. @ King Kamehameha Frankfurt (where I´ll be too)

Here are some pics from Dortmund which hopefully give you a little clue how impressive it is.

Fiat Freestyle Team Germany

A few weeks ago I gave you a little snip of my shooting with the german Fiat Freestyle Team. We did a Shooting of every athlethe or artist with the car and a portrait shooting of the athletes and the whole team.
After a little reshoot due to a „small glas problem“ here are some of the outcomes.

Hope you like it.

Blumentopf and their Doblo

Flo Jung and his Doblo

Tobi Reindl and his Sedici

Nico Zacek for Nine Knights

Alex Schiller for Isenseven

Caja Schöpf

The complete Team

(Tobi Reindl, Flo Jung, Jürgen Howart, Caja Schöpf, Christophe Schmidt)