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Munich Architecture Pt. 2

Here are some more shots of my little architecture excursion lately

Sidewalk surfing

One of my favorite Summersports in the city is the good old Sidewalk surfing or better known as Longboarding.
It´s a great way for old men like me to keep the feeling of a four wheeled board alive without steadely getting hurt. On the other side its a good way of personal transportation in the city.

Our most favorite spot for rolling around on warm summer evenings is this great open space in the middle of downtown munich, everyone in the world knows as the Wiesn (the place where the Octoberfest happens).
Here are some Impressions from one of the many evenings since summer came back to munich.


There is an IphoneApp every Pictureaddicted guy I know uses these Days, so do I: Hipstmatic
It´s a camera tool for the Iphone that simulates an analouge Camera with changeable Films and Lenses for old school looking Pictures. Great Fun and easy to use.

So here is a little compliation of some recent shots with it:

(click to enlarge)

Munich Architecture

Due to the fact a lot of people I know having some „summer“ trips to norway, the US of A or Canada to hang around in the rain there, I´m trying to enjoy the summer in Munich (Temperatures should rise to more than 35°C the next days) and do some other things than shooting people on or with their boards or skis.

So I was walking around Munich to capture some architecture photos.

Here we go:

The entrance of Munichs Synagoge

A Chrome Sculpture in the city

Some Details of Munichs new Mobile Opera House