Fiat Freestyle Team Shoot

Yesterday I had a great Shooting with the German Fiat Freestyle Team and their new cars.
Gladly Petrus was with us and gave us nice weather after 2 Weeks of heavy rain in munich. So we could use the nice outdoor location.

The Location

The Portrait Setup

My beautiful ride (hey everything was set up already … so why not!?)

A big Thank you goes out to:
Ines and the other girls of Millhaus for the Organisation
The Members of the Fiat FreeStyleTeam:
Blumentopf, Nico, Alex, Christophe, Tobi, Jürgen, Flo und Caja
Lolli und Mo for the additional equipment
Basti for the superp graphics in the background
Petrus for stopping the rain
and everyone else who was involved

… it was one of my best and most funny shootings ever!!!