Summermode is on

So now the snowboardseason is nearly done (even when it`s never really done ;) ) … so I´m switching into summer mode latley, what means my photographic focus turns onto lifestyle, urban and music. And to get a good start into this I covered three concerts in the last 10 days.

The first one was the CD Release Concert of Missent to Denmarks new Album „I´m your son“ … great show!!

And a week later there was a little festival in Munich where two of my favorite Bands had a showcase: Portmanteau and RhytmPolice which both played a super intense show and made the crowd go wild.

All three bands are signed on the same recordlabel …. Biegen&Brechen

Here are some pictures of all three shows:

Missent to Denmark – „I´m your son“ – CD release