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With a little help from my friends

Everything is easier when you have some good people around you.
Be it Joe Cocker, who got some weed from the Hippies in Woodstock or me that got a lot of stuff from some nice people in the snowboard industry.

And for this I want to say THANK YOU and give you something back, so I made a custom Stickerjob to my two rides.

Big thanks for everything goes out to:

Schax @ Protest Germany for the mass of clothes and everything else

Steffi @ DC Europe for my new board, boots n being so patient with me

Eric @ Goodquestion Supplies for the binding, the ninjasuite n gloves

Andrea @ Sionyx Headwear for the lovley beanies and the great tiramisu.

Tom&Rainer @ FinestMedia for the awesome stickerjobs

I hope you enjoy my way of sayin „Thank you“.

So if you see one of these two rides anywhere …. be sure that I´m around :)