The last few days I tried to get some powder action.

On thursday I hitted SPM with Atti from sweden and scored some nice little bad weather wood action.

Some storm killed tree that made a funny obstacle

Then we went to Zillertal to build a nice powder booter with Bernd, Sindre and the Tom`s. After a nice day of shoveling we had a smooth one ready for Saturday. The Kicker worked out really good and got some pretty nice shots.

The crew on the way to the BC

Saw VIII feat. Tom Klocker

The beauty nearly ready

The fog

On sunday I got back on the road to go to Davos with Pfaffi, Flo, Steve, Maxi and Jule on the search for more powder. Due to some problems with Liftpasses, the snowconditions and the weather we drove to one of the mountain passes around Davos in search for some kickerspots. In the end we found two nice little spots that got me some nice shots.

Power to the people

Work in progress

Spotted Pt. II

Fog again