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Sweet Davos

Like I said in the thread before I went again to Davos to get some Shots with my friends at SLP. Due to the gnarly conditions this year we haven`t got much done, but had a supergood time there again.

I want to say a BIG THANKS to Julian and his parents for letting us stay at their apparment again and makin us a perfect time their with great food, nice evenings and the relaxed atmosphere.

Hopefully I see you soon again!!!

Julian on a chilled aftershred evening

Don Pfaffolo checkin the weather

Maxi doing the downday soundtrack

Some Impressions:


The last few days I tried to get some powder action.

On thursday I hitted SPM with Atti from sweden and scored some nice little bad weather wood action.

Some storm killed tree that made a funny obstacle

Then we went to Zillertal to build a nice powder booter with Bernd, Sindre and the Tom`s. After a nice day of shoveling we had a smooth one ready for Saturday. The Kicker worked out really good and got some pretty nice shots.

The crew on the way to the BC

Saw VIII feat. Tom Klocker

The beauty nearly ready

The fog

On sunday I got back on the road to go to Davos with Pfaffi, Flo, Steve, Maxi and Jule on the search for more powder. Due to some problems with Liftpasses, the snowconditions and the weather we drove to one of the mountain passes around Davos in search for some kickerspots. In the end we found two nice little spots that got me some nice shots.

Power to the people

Work in progress

Spotted Pt. II

Fog again


A few days ago we got our new Bungee-Run-In Rocket Launch System and tried it with a little fence ride.
It has not the speed and power of a winch, but more than enough of both for nearly everthing and much lighter, cheaper and easier to transport.

What should I say: I got a completly new way on looking for possible spots …. Ueberhappy with these new toys.

Here are some shot from the Tryout-Session:

Full Pull

Nick Fischer

Flo Heim

Flo Corzelius

Behind the scenes

As I told you a few days ago, I was on a shooting mission to Kitzsteinhorn last week.

I made the job together with my good friend Lorenz Holder aka Lolli who is also one of the best snowboard photographers in the world.

Before we started the serious shooting we had a little spare time and, as photographers are, produced some shit with my small camera.

Two photogs and a lot of stuff … so if you want to be an assistent of one of us, go to the gym first.

The old man and the pipe …. äääähhh sorry I mean Lolli and his task

Little Ex-Neighbourhood Insider

Camlimero meets the little Spaceman from „Loony Toons“ meets The Cleveland Indians Dude

Urban Weekend

Last weekend I decided to escape the awaited mass of people in the mountains and tried to capture some Streetrailaction.

So on Saturday I went out with Dani „Ratschinski“ Rajcsanyi to Bayreuth in the north of bavaria cause they got some serious snow the days before. After a 5 hour drive (thanks to three dutch idiots that where unable to drive around each other) we got kicked from two spots (after everything was ready to shred) and could do only one spot up there.

On our way home we took a little loop around Regensburg to do another downrail. The boys where so hot for it that they shreded it only with the light of one car and the moon cause the starter rope of our generator got killed.

Thanks for the nice sessions to Dani, Andre, Kai, Jakob and the other guys.

Andre preparin the Bungee for launch

Social Service again

The rail monster striked again

On sunday we stayed in munich to do a gnarly double kink right in the city (I think Basti Kuhn has bad memorys about this one). Was a funny session with a lot of people on their sunday walk watchin us. Due to the lack of an inrun ramp or a bungee, it was a little bit sketchy for the riders but everyone sticked at least one 50-50.

Thanks to Flo, Steve, Raphi, Maxi and Shawn for an easy sunday afternoon. Hope you found the Cornel afterwards.

Sunny sunday afternoon

Flo kisses the stairs …. the Pope couldn`t have done it better

That`s for sure