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Last week we used the only day with nice weather to get a little Park-Promo-Shooting at the Kitzsteinhorn done. It was a very funny day with good people.

Lolli and I scored some nice shots that you hopefully can enjoy at the booth of MellowConstructions at ISPO 2010 …. so come around and have a look.

Thanks to Werni, Dani, Xaver, Lolli and Mellow for this super nice day.

Lines show you the way

Werni going for the next shot

Did you get this one!?

F***ing cold up here

Lolli looking for the next bänger

Tour de Lech

Last week I´ve done a one day trip to the beautiful Lech/Arlberg for a little park shooting for Mellowconstructions … nothing special but a funny day.
Before we went to the park we got ourselves some nearly powder runs an jungle missions :)

Thanks for the nice day to Tina, Bernd & Bernd, Simon, Gschwandti and James.

The Rainbow Crew enters the mountain

So much choices

On our way to the magnificent Arlberg jungle

Broken lines

Me, myself and I waitin for the crew

Rails of Munich

Damn, still not enough snow in the nothern part of the alps to do some powder shooting!!

So last Friday I went out with Tom Klocker, Benni Wetscher and Sindre Iversen to shoot some Streetrails in Munich. It was a super funny Day with two nice Rails, a lot of driving around and some good shots.

Here are some impressions of this day. Thanks guys and I hope we can do it again soon!

Tom Klocker | The austrian way of fishing

Sindre Iversen | Watchin Tom talkin shit

Tom Klocker & Benni Wetscher | Snowboard way of winter service

Tom Klocker | Should I stay or should I go

Tom Klocker & Benni Wetscher | Snowboarders are so public spirited

Benni Wetscher | Again & again

Urban Winter

Last week I´ve been on some little spotscouting missions. While sneakin around with my cam, I stumbled over some nice urban winter motives.

I hope you enjoy it and be exited about the spots I found.

Ice mens army slowly approaching the metal spider web.

Icy Stairway

No need for functionality

Munichs 2nd most beautiful girl

Changing downtown

The tubes of Scharnitz

Yesterday evening we had a little „Rrrrrrrrtttttttttt-Tube“ Session …. nothing special, nothing hard but a lot of fun.
Thanks to Flo , Steve , Huam, Pfaffi, Chris and Maxi.

Note to myself: „MAKE more lifestyleshots“ …. Damn!!!!

Philipp „Pfaffi“ Pfaffenberger | Firsttime Jibbing

Chirs Kuhn | Frontboard

Flo „Huam“ Heim | Frontblunt Change