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Merry Xmas and a snowy 2010

I wish you and you`re loved ones, quite and pleasant Holydays and a wonderfull, healthy and successfull year 2010.

Have a good time and take care.

Ver Rajcsanyi | Kaltenbach

Ver Rajcsanyi | Kaltenbach | Jan. 2009

Starting the season

After some Days of shredding, I´ve started my photoseason yesterday with having a nice uncrowded bluebird Day in Mayrhofen.

While having fun with Miri, Fips and Maxl I got some nice get started pictures.

Fips Strauss | Stalefish
Fips Strauss | Stalefish

Fips Strauss
Fips Strauss | Playin Mrs. Holle

Miriam Hoffmann | Cab
Miri Hoffmann | Cab

Miriam Hoffmann
Miri Hoffmann | Checkin Lines

Max Horn | Powslash
Max Horn | Havin Fun

Max Horn
Max Horn | Confused